Our Process

1. Site Analysis

The site analysis is the first step we take to evaluate your project (there is no charge for this). A time will be scheduled when Bob and one of his designers can come to your site and walk the property with you. This is where we get a general scope and understanding of your project. We’ll take digital photos of views and sightlines from both inside and outside of your home. We will identify areas you want hidden and areas needing a screen from your neighbors. Four Seasons will take the time to complete advanced planning and suggestions while taking into account wind, water and sun exposures. These steps and your feedback help us create an initial landscape plan.

2. Functional Planning and Basic Material Selection

During the functional planning stage, we establish the main uses of the landscape. We will introduce optional elements such as; patios, gardens, concrete work, pergola, trellises, stone work, etc… We meet with you again to walk the site and refine our analysis (again, no fee), offering suggestions for different features and elements and take notes on your feedback.

3. Conceptual Design

At this point the designers will put together several conceptual designs. These plans will have the shapes and elements of the design without the detail. This process goes through several revisions with meetings between you and the landscape designer.

4. Site Plan and Planting Plan

Once the conceptual design has been approved, the designer will create a final site plan with the accompanying planting schedule.

5. The Bid

From the site plan and planting schedule, we create a bid. In the bid we list in detail the materials and features specifically so that there are no surprises in the end. This is also where we can work with you to make sure that the project meets your budget. We’re committed to your project and will help you by changing elements according to your budget.

6. Installation

Once the bid has been accepted, a start date is discussed. Comparing our schedule with yours, we decide on a date that is compatible. Installation can take as little as a week and as much as a month, depending on the size of the project.

7. Product Support

Once the project is complete, we take the time necessary to completely educate you on the entire landscape. We take great pride of our work and follow up frequently to make sure that you are totally satisfied. Any questions that arise, whether within a couple of days or a year, we will be happy to answer for you. We want you as a lifelong client. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our business is generated by word of mouth and that we have numerous return customers.